Helloclient knowledge base
Manage tickets in one place
Learn how to work with tickets
How to set up your ticket form for your business type
Statuses are very important components to the system
How to set up personal filters
Automatic notifications for clients
How to delete a ticket and who can do that?
How to work with deposit (prepayment)
What is "ticket's deadline" and what is the use of "update" column?
Tracking ticket events, adding comments and photos
What if more than 1 executor are working with 1 ticket?
The customer has not paid for the ticket. How do I close it?
Adding the spare parts to the ticket from inventory
How to accept payment and close the ticket
Comments in the client's receipt or work completion statement
How to find a ticket
Data transfer from another software to HelloClient
It so happens that the service has been performed by a subcontractor and you need a self-cost for those works
How to issue a ticket refund