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Barcode scanner
How to connect a barcode scanner
You can connect the barcode scanner to your computer via USB and use it to work with stock and for sales in the store. For example, there is a product in stock. When this product was added to stock, it had a barcode assigned to it. Let's imagine that we need to sell this product, but we don't know its exact name to find it through search, and there is no time to search by category. Here's a good option for sophisticate approach - let's use the scanner:
  1. Put the mouse cursor in the search bar (in the store, or in the stock section).
  2. Scan the barcode on the product.
  3. Task done! The scanner moved the barcode value to the search bar. The product has been found.
To put it simply, the scanner does the same job as keyboard but saves us from manual entering of the barcode characters
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