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Ticket fields
How to set up your ticket form for your business type
The order form contains all the necessary information that you need to find out and enter in the database when placing a new order.
In HelloClient, you can create your own order form for your business type: hardware repair, ateliers, shoe repair shop, etc.

Information is structured in three domains:
  1. Client domain. Here, as a rule, we fill in such data as the customer's name, phone number, address, email, advertising source, etc.
  2. Information about the order itself. Here we specify all the information necessary to complete the order.
  3. Additional info. Here you specify the order Manager, assign the Performer, you can set a deadline for completing the order, and if necessary, you can assert the prepayment (advance payment). If you wonder how to work with prepayment, you can read it here
In this video, you will learn how to add your own fields, or remove unnecessary ones, change the order of fields, make fields mandatory or optional, and so on.
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