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How do I edit receipts?
In HelloClient you can create your own receipts and apply them when printing
Friends, with HelloClient you can easily create your own receipts and send them for printing out.

How to create your own receipt?
In fact, it is fairly simple. Go to settings-documents. In this section, you will see a list of standard receipts, and if they do not fit your needs, you can edit them however you prefer. What is more, you may delete the presets and create your own receipts from scratch. The video shows an example of creating a typical acceptance receipt. You will note that the whole process is similar to working in the Word text editor.

As you can see from the video, the main task is to place the blue variables that are located in the thematic blocks on the right. The variables will insert the necessary information where you added them. May sound tough but it is is easy to do. Set the text cursor, then click on the desired variable from the block and it will be added to the cursor location.
You can edit almost everything. You can place text within the borders of the table, and the borders can be visible or invisible. You can change the text size and line spacing. How to add a logo is described in detail here. You can align the test to any edge and height.

The 'items' variable is located in the 'order' block and adds an entire table. The table will display all the services and products that you will add to the order. The table can also be edited. You can delete the cells you don't need simply by clicking on them (in the small menu, select the buttons to delete the column or row , respectively).
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