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Point of Sale Repair Shop Software
Point of Sale Repair Shop Software
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Only What Matters in Your Phone Repair Shop
Streamlined Order Intake:
Say Goodbye to Customer Disputes in Your Phone Repair Service

The process of accepting a customer's phone for repair not only meets all standards but goes beyond. Drawing on the experience of our clients, we've included crucial details that protect you from unnecessary disputes
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Smartphone Breakdown and Configuration Directories with IMEI Auto-Fill
Cut down client and service-receptionist time drastically during order intake with our smart IMEI-based auto-fill feature.
Device Photo Uploads and Order History
Elevate customer communications with granular details. Capture the device's condition pre-repair for full transparency and trust.
Customizable Service Receipts with Your Repair Shop's Branding
Secure each repair order with our pre-designed, fully customizable service receipt template. Just add your logo and signature to instill further trust.
Mastering Repair Management in Your Smartphone Repair Shop
Gain total visibility into every customer's repair history. From each part used to every service rendered, every action is meticulously documented. Enjoy real-time inventory synchronization when parts are allocated to orders, keeping you always updated.
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Streamlined Staff Commissions
Say goodbye to manual errors and administrative headaches. Automatically allocate commissions based on each staff member's role in a repair job, ensuring accuracy and fairness.
Ready-to-Print Work Ticket and Invoice Templates
Streamline customer interactions with automated, ready-to-print work order templates, detailing services provided and parts installed. Available instantly upon payment.
Effortless Warranty Management
Never lose track of your warranty commitments. Our system allows for easy tracking, ensuring you uphold your promises and keep customer trust intact.
One-Click Sales of Phone Accessories & Parts Inventory Management for
Repair Shops

Achieve hassle-free parts and materials inventory control. Streamline all your stock processes – from arrival and movement to customer returns and write-offs, all while executing sales at the click of a button.
Optimize Your Inventory with HelloClient Now
Streamlined Inventory Management
Control your stock effortlessly. Add parts directly from the warehouse to orders, and your inventory updates instantly. Sell accessories with just one click.
Multi-Warehouse Stock Visibility
Experience the convenience of viewing all your warehouse stocks in a single window—no more tedious toggling between multiple locations.
Advanced Product Search
    Lightning-fast and intelligent search across all product and part IDs. Find what you need by name, code, serial number, SKU, or barcode.
    Elevate Customer Service
    to New Heights in
    Your Phone Repair Shop

    A comprehensive suite of tools designed to enhance your customer service experience: instant order status via QR codes, proactive negative review interception, and notifications requesting service quality ratings
    Unlock Superior Service Now
    Seamless Communication with Email & SMS Notifications
    Effortless customer service is no longer a dream. Keep your clients in the loop with automatic updates at every stage of their repair order, from initial intake to completion. Timely, transparent, and totally hassle-free.
    Empower Customers with an In-Built Client Portal
    Give your customers the transparency they crave. With our unique QR-code system, they can effortlessly check the status of their order without having to make a single call. Convenience is just a scan away.
    Level-Up Service Quality with Automated Feedback Messages
    Raise your team's efficiency and skill levels. Automated messages prompt customers to rate your service, and all feedback goes directly to the repair shop owner. Make every review a step toward excellence.
    What Challenges Do You Want to Address with HelloClient in Your Phone Repair Shop?
    Are you looking to streamline your operations, automate routine tasks, or perhaps improve customer satisfaction? Let HelloClient help you transform your phone repair business.
    HelloClientMobile App for Phone Repair Store: HelloClient
    A comprehensive mobile app perfect for on-the-go phone repair services.
    ⚡️ Convenient order viewing and management
    ⚡️ Upload photos to orders directly from your phone
    ⚡️ Task assignment for workshop employees
    mobile app HelloClient
    Boost Your Shop's Reputation Across Google, TrustPilot, and Facebook
    Take control of your repair shop's online standing with our smart reputation management system. Designed to effortlessly collect positive reviews, it not only elevates your brand but also drives new customer traffic to boost your bottom line.
    Elevate Your Phone Repair Shop Reputation Now
    Boost Customer Reviews Effortlessly with Our Reception Desk QR Code
    Revolutionize your review-gathering process without burdening your staff. Place our strategically designed QR code on your reception desk and watch as satisfied customers easily scan to leave glowing reviews on Google, TrustPilot, or Facebook. Turn customer happiness into your best marketing tool.
    Intercept Negative Reviews Before They Go Public
    Don't let a single bad review tarnish your online reputation. With our smart system, negative feedback goes directly to the business owner, giving you the power to address concerns before they escalate.
    Optimize Your Advertising Spend
    Gain actionable insights with detailed reports on your customer acquisition channels. Discover where your customers are coming from and adjust your budget accordingly to maximize ROI.
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    Trial Period
    • Trial Period Includes:
    • ⚡️ Up to 40 Initial Tickets
    • Test the efficiency of our system by managing up to 40 service tickets.
    • ⚡️ Full Access to All Features and Integrations
      • Experience the complete range of functionalities, from inventory management to customer relations.
      ⚡️ Live Chat Support
      • Get instant help and guidance through our real-time chat service
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    Streamlined Operations at Every Level of Your Phone Repair Workshop
    Reception Manager
    Efficiently locates customers in the database, processes orders, attaches device photos, and assigns a technician for the job.
    Master Technician
    Pulls tasks from a comprehensive service directory, deducts in-stock parts from inventory, and flags missing components for procurement.
    Handles payments, prints receipts if needed, tracks revenue and expenses, and calculates payroll.
    Receives insightful reports on revenue, profit, parts turnover, and employee efficiency.
    Your Business with HelloClient
    Your Competitor
    The Service Advisor will always know the customer and the repair history of their phone or computer
    The Service Advisor will save the customer's time by printing a branded receipt with a QR code to check the order status
    Your manager will order parts for inventory thanks to the program's minimum stock level prompt
    After the repair, the program will automatically send a message asking to rate the services
    Allows for negative reviews online
    Ability to evaluate advertising expenses
    Putting the User at the Center of Our Attention
    • Personalized Implementation
      We listen to your specific needs and assist in the seamless implementation of HelloClient. We'll transfer data from your existing system including orders, clients, inventory, services, and directories.
    • Instant Chat Support
      From the moment you start using HelloClient, you'll have access to real-time chat support. Our support team is there to guide you in utilizing HelloClient to tackle your business challenges and increase profitability. Whether you have a question or encounter an issue, instant assistance is just a chat message away.
    • Knowledge-Base
      Gain access to our constantly updated and maintained knowledge base, complete with step-by-step guides and tutorials to ensure seamless operations within HelloClient.
    • Equipment Selection Assistance
      We'll provide advice on how to integrate an online cash register and any additional equipment you may need.
    We have something to be proud of
    • 4.9
      Average rating in the "Computer Repair Workshop Software" category based on user reviews from Capterra, G2, and GetApp.
    • +100000
      Repair tickets are added to the HelloClient software by repair workshops every day.
    • 99,8%
      This is the average annual Uptime (service availability rate) for HelloClient.
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    Frequently Asked Questions about HelloClient Phone Repair Software

    HelloClient is a cloud-based software designed to automate the workflow of phone repair shops and similar service-based businesses.