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What do I do if the program slows down?
Is the program slowing down? Don't be frightened:)
As we already know, even such services as Instagram, VK, Telegram, etc. can slow down and work unstably. Certainly, there are many reasons for this: slow Internet, server problems, etc. Frankly, this happens quite rarely. However, if you start noticing 'glitches' in the program, before writing to the support chat, just try the following:
  • Simply reload the page
  • Press combination Cntrl+Shift+R (clears the cache on the page in your Chrome browser)
  • Press F5
This heals 99% of all cases
We are constantly improving our code and releasing new features. Therefore, do not ignore the notification at the bottom of the screen when it says 'We have released a new version', go ahead and click the 'update' button.
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