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Ticket base upload

Transferring the ticket database from an Excel or CSV file
What should the file contain?
  • Mandatory column "Ticket Number".
  • Mandatory column "Ticket Type". For example: paid, warranty, on-site
  • Mandatory column "Ticket Status". For example: new, in progress, closed
  • Mandatory column "Client Name". For example: Alexey Ivanov Mandatory column "Phone." The phone number should be recorded in the format: +33899542354. The number should not contain spaces or "-" symbols. It is possible to specify multiple phone numbers separated by commas. If a client with this number already exists, it will be updated. Also, in the Excel file, make sure that the cells are set to text format.
  • Recommended column "Ticket Created". This indicates the date the ticket was created. In Excel, the cell format should be set to "Date and Time". Example: 16.02.2024 14:12:39.
  • Recommended column "Ticket Created By". This indicates the name of the employee who created the ticket. Each row in this column must be filled.
  • Recommended column "Manager". Each row in this column must be filled.
  • Recommended column "Executor".
  • Recommended column "Paid". This indicates how much money the client has already paid.
  • Recommended column "Services".
  • Recommended column "Products".
How to properly format products and services in the file
  • Products and services should be formatted as: Name - quantity - price.
  • Example of a service: Display module replacement - 1 - 500 (there should be no space in the price).
  • Example of a product: Power supply - 10 - 1000 (there should be no space in the price).
  • If an order contains multiple products or services, they should be listed separated by commas: Display module replacement - 1 - 500, Diagnostics - 1 - 20 .
Reconciliation of the fields of your file with the fields of HelloClient

  • Go to the "Settings" section and select "Ticket Fields".
  • If your file contains fields such as "Recommendations," "Executor's Notes," etc., but you do not see these fields in the settings/ticket fields, then you need to create them. You can create a field in the program by clicking on the "+ Field" button in the upper right corner.
Uploading a file to HelloClient
*If your file contains more than 1000 rows, you need to split it into several files, each containing up to 1000 rows. Then, upload the files one by one.
  • Go to the "Tickets" module.
  • In the upper right corner, click on the "More" button and select "Load data into HelloClient."
  • On the left, click on the "Choose file" button.
  • The file is uploaded, now you just need to match the fields of your file with the fields of the program.
  • If the first row of your file contains column headers (ticket number, manager, executor, etc.), then check the "Skip first line" box.
  • If, after matching the fields, a red error message appears at the top, click on the arrow pointing to the right. The program will redirect you to the cell where the error occurred.
Example file for import
Here you can download an example of a properly formatted file:
Example file with tickets
How to retain employee data when migrating from another program?
When uploading the "Tickets" file, HelloClient assigns automatic emails to employees. The company owner can send us a support chat request to change the emails, where it is necessary to specify the email after uploading the file and the new employee's email. This way, employees will automatically see the orders they worked on.
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