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Trends in CRM

Visualize the data using clear charts and diagrams
Trends are graphs and charts that allow data visualization and make it more understandable. They help present information in a convenient and visual form, making it easier to perceive and remember.
Tickets by date
Monitor on which days you typically have the highest number of tickets. Based on this data, you can allocate your staff accordingly: scheduling more employees when there are more tickets and granting time off when there are fewer tickets.

Tickets by status
The chart clearly shows the number of tickets in each status. It also displays the total amount of tickets in a particular status. This diagram helps you identify which status requires more attention to quickly transition tickets to the “Closed” status.
If you need a chart without a specific status, you can click on it, and the information will be displayed excluding the selected status.
Ticket average check and Sales average check
Displays the average amounts over a selected period. Knowing these averages will allow you to analyze profitability, identify consumer behavior trends, and assess staff performance.

Urgent tickets and Tickets overdue
Monitor how many urgent tickets you currently have. Evaluate the number of overdue tickets and optimize your company's operations to reduce their number.

Payments by date
The chart shows the amount of payments by day. With its help, you can see on which days you had the highest profit and on which days the lowest.
Payments by account
The chart shows the amounts of income/expenses by category. This chart allows you to see which categories generate the most income and which incur the most expenses.
If you need a chart excluding a specific category, you can click on the category, and the information will be displayed without the selected category.

Tickets by employee
Evaluate the performance of your employees, reward those who handle more tickets, and motivate those who are at a lower level.
Sales by date
Track the number of sales by days over a selected period of time.
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