Take your Repair Shop to the next level
Easy and powerful platform to automate service routines and manage orders effectively in your repair shop. Make more time to grow your business.

Core Features
HelloClient gives you the core features you need to effectively manage the Repair Shop or Service Centre and reach your business goals

Quick tickets processing
Convenient navigation, easy-to-use interface, quick search will help save up to 20 min per every ticket and make more time for work that matters.
Clients database
HelloClient saves all your clients automatically. All orders for each clients are included in their profiles.
Automatically recorded transactions
All financial flows are under your control. Receipts and withdrawals of funds are automatically recorded. All the detailed information about every payment is right at your fingertips.
Print documents right from the browser
Print receipts, invoices, warranty certificates right from the browser. Make the most of the pre-set templates or create your own.
Inventory management
Keep a complete record of all merchandise and spare parts in stock. Post, write off, and move spare parts and merchandise between workshop stocks. Each item is designated by category and SKU.
Built for teams
Scale HelloClient to the whole team and invite your employees to work together simultaneously. Set up permissions so that each employee uses only those tools and only that information that they need to work with.

"HelloClient made all the service processes much more effective, not to mention all the time it saves. The platform is easy-to-use and really convenient. We quickly process orders and print the receipts, find the right order in the database when having an incoming call from the client, accept payments and at the same time we're sure that all of them are tracked in the system. We are happy with HelloClient."

Serge Klimuk, repair shop ingadget.by

Perfect for small and medium-sized repair shops of all kinds
HelloClient is ideal for repair shops handling anything from bicycles to computers, washing machines to smartphones.
Smartphones, laptops, computers repair shops
Home appliances repair shops
Watch repair service
Repair of clothes and shoes
Features currently in development
Accessible from any device
Use HelloClient from any device.
SMS and Email notifications
Send text messages to your clients when tickets are ready, either manually or automatically.
Generation of reports on important repair shop processes
Staff commission
If your business pays employees for piecework, you may specify what percentage of the value of the work performed for the ticket is to be deducted as wages. By using "Technician Reports", you can calculate wages for any specified time period.
Take your Repair Shop to the next level
Say goodbye to complicated ticket workflow!
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