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Repair Shop Software: Boost Your Repair Business Efficiency with HelloClient

Point of Sale Repair Shop Software
Point of Sale Repair Shop Software
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Industries Our Software Supports
Manage repairs, manage inventory, print invoices and tickets, send notifications to clients and more
Monitoring of repairs, workshop management, and a set of additional tools to expand your phone repair business.
Household Appliance Repair
Accommodate walk-in clients, handle mail-in inquiries, and manage all intermediary tasks using a robust software toolkit
Watch Repair
Rapid ticketing solution with a smooth and efficient checkout process, compatible with both repair and retail operations
Jewelry Repair
Oversee your complete jewelry repair and restoration operations swiftly from a single platform
Shoe Repair
Oversee shoe repairs, control stock levels, issue invoices and tickets, communicate with customers, and more
Bicycle Repair Snowboard Repair
Ski Repair
For your sports equipment repair business, cater to walk-in customers, process mail-in orders, and handle every in-between task with an advanced software solution.
Musical Instrument Repair
For your musical instrument repair business, cater to walk-in customers, address mail-in service requests, and handle all related activities using a comprehensive software toolkit.
Boost Your Repair Shop's Expansion
All the essentials to increase your earnings and offer an outstanding checkout journey to your clients. Enhance sales of repairs and accessories, receive payments, and beyond.
Optimize Your Workflow Now
Efficient Repair Management
Take control of your repair processes with an intuitive dashboard. Easily manage customer information, repair statuses, and technician assignments, all in one place.
Automated SMS and Email Notifications
Never let your customers wonder about the status of their repairs. Send automatic updates via SMS and email to keep them informed and engaged
Customizable Logo and Document Templates
Make your brand stand out. Personalize repair tickets, invoices, and other essential documents with your shop's logo and tailored layouts.
Comprehensive Breakdown Directories
Access a ready-to-use database of common repair issues, streamlining diagnostics and accelerating service delivery
Drive Greater Traffic to Your Repair Shop
Efficient solutions designed to expand your clientele and maximize earnings from current customers. Dispatch automated emails for feedback and cultivate reviews across various social channels:
Google, Facebook, Yelp, TrustPilot and other.
Experience Efficiency with HelloClient
Boost Your Ratings with QR Codes
Encourage happy customers to leave positive reviews effortlessly. Simply place our easy-to-scan QR codes around your repair shop, and let your customers share their satisfaction with a quick scan. Great for accumulating high-quality reviews on Google and other review platforms.
Amplify Your Visibility Without a Marketing Budget
Unlock organic growth by leveraging HelloClient's QR Code feature for seamless customer reviews. Rank higher on Google and other platforms to naturally attract new clients without spending a dime
Prevent Negative Reviews and Protect Your Reputation
HelloClient's smart review filter identifies negative feedback before it goes public. Deflect unfavorable reviews and address customer concerns privately to maintain a stellar online reputation
Sell more accessories and products to your clients to boost your profits even further
Simple and clear inventory tracking of parts and products in stock. All warehouse processes: receipt, transfer, return to customer, write-off, inventory check. One-click product sale.
See All Features in Action
Inventory Management
Effortlessly keep track of your inventory levels and never run out of essential parts. Our real-time updates ensure you're always aware of what's in stock, enabling you to make informed business decisions
One-Click Sales with our POS
Streamline your sales process with our one-click sales feature. Simplify transactions, reduce human error, and expedite customer checkouts to elevate your service experience
Seller Commission
Easily set up and manage commission structures for your sales staff. Motivate your team with transparent and fair compensation, driving sales and boosting overall performance

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Easily Transition from Spreadsheets with
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Why Spreadsheets Fall Short:
❌ Lacks Business-Specific Customization
❌ Time-Consuming Manual Data Input
❌ Collaboration Risks Data Integrity
❌ Fails to Scale with Growing Operations
❌ Mobile Functionality is Limited
❌ Zero Live Customer Support
Why Choose HelloClient Software:
✅ Custom-Engineered for Your Industry
✅ Automates Routine, Saving You Time
✅ Fortified Access and Permission Controls
✅ Scalable Solutions for Chains and Franchises
✅ Comprehensive Mobile App Capabilities
✅ Personalized Customer Support
What Challenges Do You Want to Solve with HelloClient in Your Repair Shop?
HelloClient Mobile App for Your Repair Shop
A Fully-Featured Mobile App, Perfect
for Repair Stores:

⚡️ Easy Order Viewing and Management
⚡️ Upload Photos to Orders Directly from Your Smartphone
⚡️ Task Assignment for Workshop Staff
mobile app repair shop software HelloClient
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Frequently Asked Questions
HelloClient is a comprehensive repair shop management software designed to help you automate repair shop tasks, manage customer databases, and much more. It streamlines the entire workflow from appointment scheduling to invoicing, making your business more efficient.

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We employ comprehensive levels of security including data backup, encryption, and a fail-safe server platform
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