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  • Test the efficiency of our system by managing up to 40 service tickets.
  • ⚡️ Full Access to All Features and Integrations
    • Experience the complete range of functionalities, from inventory management to customer relations.
    ⚡️ Live Chat Support
    • Get instant help and guidance through our real-time chat service
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Location?

A location refers to an office, branch, workshop, or business line set up to segregate data within the same company. This could be different retail outlets or multiple workshops within a single chain. New locations can be added within the software settings.

Do I Have to Pay for Additional Users?

No, you only pay a fixed fee based on the number of locations you have, regardless of the number of users.

What Happens to My Data After the Free Trial Ends?

The system will notify you as your free orders are nearing their limit and offer you the option to switch to a paid plan. All your settings and data will be retained, and you can continue to use the software once you make the payment.

How Can I Pay for HelloClient?

You can pay for your subscription with any Visa, MasterCard bank card, as per the pricing mentioned on our website.

Do You Have a Mobile App?

Yes! HelloClient is accessible on any device. Learn how to install the app on your Android or iOS device with just a few clicks.

What Happens When My Paid Subscription Ends?

Once your subscription expires, you won't be able to process new orders. However, access to your database will remain intact for viewing purposes.

Do You Have a Referral Program?

It's in active development. Reach out to our support chat to become one of the first participants in our referral program.

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