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Questions & Answers
What is the 14-day free trial?
During this period you can utilize all the functions of the system absolutely free of charge and also receive technical support. If you decide to subscribe to the service during the trial period, we will roll over the remaining days to your paid subscription.
What happens when my subscription runs out?
You will no longer be able to create or edit tickets, inventory spare parts, or log cash receipts. You will retain access to all information available in your account (including tickets, payments, stock on hand).
How do I pay for my HelloClient subscription?
We accept Visa and MasterCard. We use Stripe payment gateway.
How do I pay for a subscription in euros or other currency?
For convenience, the prices on the site are specified in US dollars, but you can make a payment in any currency. Your credit card will be charged an amount equal to the specified price in US dollars in accordance with the exchange rate of the issuing bank on the day of purchase.
I do not have enough features, can you add them?
Of course!
All your ideas are important to us. We are open to dialogue in any way convenient for you:
- online chat
- our Facebook Page
- mail info@helloclient.io

We believe that together we can create a product that will delight. Thank you!
Well, what about discounts?
Good question!
HelloClient offers the following discounts:
- Pay for 6 months and get 15% discount
- Pay for 12 months and get 30% discount
- Get coupons for the period of 1, 3, 6 months of free use, for help in eliminating bugs, tips for improvement and active participation in the development of the project (specify information through life-chat).