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Products upload
How to upload products from files
HelloClient supports the goods upload from Excel and CSV-files.
To do that you would need to:
  1. Enter the Inventory.
  2. Press the "Upload" icon".
  3. Choose the file.
  4. Match the columns in file with columns in system.
  5. You must check the box "Disregard the first line" if the list of goods/spare parts starts from the second line.
Upload file requirements:
  1. CSV or Excel format
  2. Your file must contain the goods' category
  3. Your file must not contain empty line nor cells
  4. Your file must not contain more than 1000 lines per file
  5. Unicode encoding only.
Goods category example:
  • Spare parts (one-level category)
  • Spare parts>Apple (two-levels category)
  • Spare parts>Apple>Screens (three-levels category) etc.

Pls check our import templates here
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