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SMS notifications for clients
Friends, HelloClient does not charge for SMS. You simply select the required SMS provider, register an account with them and top up your balance.

Choosing SMS-provider
  1. Go to Settings-SMS Notifications
  2. Click 'set-up' and select the required provider:
Follow the link to the site and register an account with the provider. Then enter the username and password you received during registration in HelloClient. If you use the sender's own name that was registered with the provider, enter it in the corresponding field.
Setting up own SMS templates
You can use your own message templates to send to your customers. Here's how you do it:
  1. In the lower right corner, click the small round button 'add template'
  2. Then come up with the name of the template and proceed to the message text. To make your message more informative use variables:
Just copy and paste the variable along the text, as in our example:
Setting up automatic sending by status
  1. Click green round button '+' in the lower right corner
  2. Then simply select the desired template and the desired status, click save. Everything is ready! Now, each time you select this status, the program will automatically send the prepared template
The message must not exceed
250 symbols
Bulkgate integration
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