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Adding a Customer to a Sale

Optimization of Sales Using the Customer Binding Feature with HelloClient CRM
  • Customer Binding to Sales:
You can now quickly and easily add a customer to any sale, preserving their purchase history and optimizing your business processes.
  • Creating a New Customer On-the-Spot:
Didn't find the required customer in the list? No problem! Create a new customer right in the process of making a sale!
  • Control of Unpaid Sales:
Keep track of customers' unpaid sales to take necessary actions in time.
  • Editing Information After Closing:
Add or change customer information even after the sale is completed.
  • Printing Receipts with Customer Information:
Now you can print receipts with customer information for more accurate accounting and reporting.
  • Creating a Sale from the Customer Card:
Start the sales process directly from the customer card, making business processes faster and more convenient.
  • Flexibility in Working with Sales:
If necessary, you can make a sale without linking it to a specific customer.
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