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Customer Notifications

Free Automatic Email Notifications
Customers want and need to know the status of their order at all stages: from the moment they place an order and it gets recorded in the system, to the final result (positive or negative). Customers want to see the before-and-after results of the services you provide (with photos). They don’t want to waste time looking for your address and contact information. Customers want to receive this information in the simplest way possible, and HelloClient offers the solution.

How Do Email Notifications Work?
Email is an excellent tool for staying in touch with customers and is also a great marketing channel that requires no setup and is completely free. By simply entering the customer’s email in their profile, HelloClient will keep them informed about the status of their order through relevant notifications. Unlike SMS, emails allow you to include photos, service prices, and other important information.

How to Ask a Customer for Their Email?
It is the direct responsibility of the administrator or manager to explain and show the customer, during the order intake, how they will be informed about the progress of their order. Below is an example of a screenshot of the email that a customer may receive upon order acceptance.

The email can also include:
  • Photos
  • Estimated completion time
  • Services and their approximate prices
  • A link to your address on maps
How to Enable Notifications?
To enable notifications, go to Settings / Notifications and toggle the switch to the active mode. To enable additional options, click on the notification card itself.
Within the notification card, you can enable additional options:
  • Attachment of photos
  • Order completion time
  • Services and their approximate prices
  • A link to your address on maps
  • Important information that you can edit
Where to View Sent Notifications?
You can view the notification history by going to the "Clients" section and switching to "Notifications" in the top left corner. To cancel a notification, open it and click "Cancel Sending".
Notifications are sent 30 minutes after the status change to avoid spamming the customer and to allow for the cancellation of the notification in case of an incorrect status update. The order history will also contain a record of the notification status.
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