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Optimize Your Computer Repair Shop with Comprehensive Management Software: Repair Ticketing, Inventory, CRM, Invoicing, and Reporting All in One Place

Point of Sale Repair Shop Software
Point of Sale Repair Shop Software
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Essential Features for Computer Repair Shops
Streamline Laptop Repair Ticketing with Confidence
Elevate your laptop repair ticketing process to meet industry standards. Our system incorporates crucial details to protect you from unwanted disputes with customers and staff. Take control and optimize your repair shop workflow
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Quick-Select Directories for Common Computer Issues and Configurations
Accelerate your ticketing process by choosing from pre-set lists of frequent computer malfunctions and hardware setups. Save your front-desk staff time and get repair tickets started faster.
Enhanced Device Imaging and Action History
Build trust and enhance client engagement by documenting the exact condition of devices before repair starts. This level of detail boosts transparency and increases customer satisfaction.
Customizable Ticket and Invoice Templates
Assure a smooth and professional intake process with our easily customizable templates. Just upload your logo and signature, and you're ready to provide a branded and secure customer experience.
Streamline Repairs in Your Computer Repair Shop
Gain the ability to view a complete repair history for each client. Every part used, service provided, and action taken is meticulously documented. Enjoy seamless inventory synchronization as parts are used for orders, with automatic stock updates.
Get Started with Automated Repair Management
Automated Staff Commission Calculation
Bid farewell to manual errors and time-consuming commission calculations. Our system automatically tracks each staff member's contribution to every repair job, ensuring accurate and fair commission disbursement.
Instant Invoice Templates
No more waiting or manual entries. Our automated invoice templates list down all the services rendered and parts used, ready to be handed over to the customer upon payment.
Warranty Management Made Easy
Stay on top of your warranty commitments with intuitive controls. Set, track, and manage warranties on parts and services effortlessly, building lasting trust with your clients.
Streamlined Accessory Sales & Comprehensive Parts Management for Your Computer Repair Shop
Gain full visibility into your inventory with our transparent tracking system. Easily manage all warehouse operations like receiving, moving, customer returns, write-offs, and stock-taking. Now, selling an accessory or part is just a button-click away.
Simplify Inventory, Amplify Sales
Inventory and Parts Tracking
Keep track of your inventory effortlessly. Just add parts directly from your stock to the ticket, and watch your inventory levels update automatically. Sell accessories with just one click.
Multi-Warehouse Inventory Visibility
Easily check the availability of parts across all your service center's warehouses in a single view, avoiding tedious toggling between different inventories.
Quick Product Search by Barcode
Fast and intelligent product and parts search across all IDs, including names, codes, serial numbers, SKUs, and barcodes.
Exceptional Customer Service in Your Computer Repair Shop
This headline and description emphasize the importance of top-notch customer service, and how your software can provide the necessary tools to achieve that. It speaks to the business owner's desire to streamline customer interactions and keep them satisfied.
Enhance Your Customer Experience Now
Stay Informed at Every Step
Real-time information is crucial for successful service. Automatic notifications at every stage of the order process, from intake to job completion, ensure timely updates for your customers.
Built-in Customer Portal
Allow your clients to independently check their order status using the QR code on their receipt. This eliminates the need for unnecessary customer calls to your repair shop.
Automated Service Quality Feedback Requests
Upgrade your customer service without the manual hassle. Our system automatically sends out notifications to clients asking for their feedback on the services provided. This not only saves your staff from the repetitive task of contacting customers but also ensures that you're continuously gathering invaluable insights to improve your service.
What Challenges Are You Looking to Overcome with HelloClient in Your Computer Repair Shop?
Are you aiming to optimize workflows, automate tedious tasks, or perhaps elevate customer satisfaction? Let HelloClient revolutionize your computer repair business.
Elevate Your Computer and Laptop Repair Service with the HelloClient Mobile App
The Ultimate Mobile App for Your Computer Repair Service Center:

⚡️ Convenient Order Viewing and Management: Handle all orders efficiently and keep tabs on repair statuses directly from your mobile device.
⚡️ Instant Photo Uploads to Orders: Capture and upload relevant photos to each repair order without leaving the app, streamlining documentation and communication.
⚡️ Task Assignments for Workshop Staff: Easily delegate tasks to your technicians, ensuring timely and effective execution of repair jobs.
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Elevate Your Computer Repair Shop's Online Presence on Google, TrustPilot, and Facebook
Gain complete control over your computer repair shop's digital reputation with our intelligent reputation management platform. Engineered to seamlessly gather stellar reviews, our solution not only uplifts your brand image but also attracts more customers, ultimately enhancing your revenue.
Take Control of Your Reputation Now
Pre-Generated QR Code for Front Desk
A ready-to-use solution that eliminates the need for your front-desk staff to remember asking for reviews.
Instant Capture of Negative Reviews
Prevent negative reviews from going public. Reviews with negative content will be directed straight to the shop owner for appropriate action.
Save on Your Advertising Budget
Detailed reports on your advertising channels help you identify where your customers are finding out about your service center, so you can decide whether to continue investing in certain channels.
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    • Experience the complete range of functionalities, from inventory management to customer relations.
    ⚡️ Live Chat Support
    • Get instant help and guidance through our real-time chat service
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Streamlined Operations at Every Level of Your
Computer Repair Shop
Reception Manager
Efficiently searches for customers in the database, manages repair orders, uploads device photos, and assigns a technician to each task.
Master Technician
Accesses tasks from a comprehensive service list, deducts in-stock components from the inventory, and flags any missing parts for immediate procurement.
Oversees payments, prints invoices and receipts as required, tracks both revenue and expenditures, and handles payroll calculations.
Shop Owner
Receives detailed reports on revenue, profitability, inventory turnover, and technician performance metrics.
Your Business with HelloClient
Your Competitor
Service Advisor.
Always familiar with the customer and the complete repair history of their computer or laptop.
Time-Saving Receipts.
Streamline the customer experience by issuing branded receipts featuring a QR code for easy order status tracking.
Inventory Management.
Your manager can effortlessly reorder parts thanks to the program's automated minimum stock level alerts.
Post-Repair Follow-Up.
Upon completion of the repair, the system automatically sends out a message requesting customer feedback on the services provided.
Negative Review Handling.
Equipped to intercept negative reviews online, giving you the chance to rectify issues before they impact your reputation.
Advertising Expense Analysis.
Evaluate the ROI of your advertising efforts, helping you allocate your budget more effectively.
Putting the User at the Center of Our Attention
  • Personalized Implementation
    We listen to your specific needs and assist in the seamless implementation of HelloClient. We'll transfer data from your existing system including orders, clients, inventory, services, and directories.
  • Instant Chat Support
    From the moment you start using HelloClient, you'll have access to real-time chat support. Our support team is there to guide you in utilizing HelloClient to tackle your business challenges and increase profitability. Whether you have a question or encounter an issue, instant assistance is just a chat message away.
  • Knowledge-Base
    Gain access to our constantly updated and maintained knowledge base, complete with step-by-step guides and tutorials to ensure seamless operations within HelloClient.
  • Equipment Selection Assistance
    We'll provide advice on how to integrate an online cash register and any additional equipment you may need.
We have something to be proud of
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    Average rating in the "Computer Repair Workshop Software" category based on user reviews from Capterra, G2, and GetApp.
  • +100000
    Repair tickets are added to the HelloClient software by repair workshops every day.
  • 99,8%
    This is the average annual Uptime (service availability rate) for HelloClient.
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HelloClient is an all-in-one management software designed specifically for computer repair shops to streamline operations, automate routine tasks, and elevate customer satisfaction.