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Deposit (prepayment)
How to work with deposit (prepayment)
A prepayment (Deposit) is a certain part of the chargeable total, which your client pays to you before you start executing the order. HelloClient gives you a nice opportunity to work with prepayments easily and comfortably.
Here's how it works:
  1. Place an order and enter the amount of the prepayment (deposit) in the required field. Save the order.
If you want to display the prepayment amount on the receipt, you need to insert the blue variable 'paid' in the document settings.
2. So we took prepayment for a new order. Please note how this is displayed in the order:
  • The 'Payments' field now shows an entry stating that there was a prepayment taken for the order. You can see when, by what method, by which employee, and for what amount the prepayment was taken.
  • The green 'Pay-50' button has got a minus sign. Why is there a minus sign in it? - you may wonder. Because no services or goods (consumables) have been added to the order yet. Let's add the service to the order and see how recalculation will be done.
3. We have added the service 'device recovery' at the price of 6000 and the system recalculated the total amount that the client owes us.
Let's double-check:
a) We took a prepayment of 50
b) Added a service at a price of 600
c) The green buttons reads 'Pay 550'. That's right, it is 550 that the client owes you!
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