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Adding the spare parts to the ticket from inventory
There are two ways of adding spare parts to the ticket. In this section let's review both of them.

Approach #1. You do not want to show the price in the papers.
Imagine you have a fixed price for some services, like '300 USD for a screen replacement that includes a screen and this is the price the client is supposed to see.
  1. First we add a service withe fixed price.
  2. Then we add a spare part which costs '100 USD'
  3. The total would automatically rise to '400 USD'
  4. You have to open the spare part entry and manually change the price to 0. Now the total of the ticket makes '300 USD'
5. Most importantly. Open the service entry and modify the self cost field of the spare part by adding '100 USD'. If you don't do that the executor would get a commission of 300 USD'; but in this very case our net revenue would be '200 USD' so the commission should be paid accordingly.

This way you are solving the fallowing problems:
  • the client does not see the price structure in the reciept
  • the consumables are well taken into account within the ticket
  • the emplyee gats a right commission based on the net revenue

Approach #2.
You have a fixed price for the service and you need to add the price of the screen so that the total should be augmented by the spare part's price.
  1. You add the '300 USD' service to the ticket
  2. You add the screen which costs '100 USD'; so the total amount raises to '400 USD'
ATTENTION! In this case the client will see the price of the service and the spare part for '400 USD' total.
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