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Statuses setup
Statuses are very important components to the system
Statuses are very important components to the system. They can help you to:
  1. manage the processes within a ticket
  2. structure and track the orders
  3. accept the ticket's payment
  4. calculate the staff commission
  5. track the problem tickets.
You can create your own status and define it to be performing specific actions with the fallowing settings:
  • Closes the ticket — allows to add your own closing statuses like tracking the problem ticket
  • Calls the payment window up — allows adding the payment to your own closing status.
  • Calculates the staff commission — defines on which status to calculate the staff commission if you want it to be calculated not after the ticket has been paid but right after the works have been performed; you will have to switch this option on in Ready status.
"Unsuccessfully closed" status. It can be used in cases if the clients is refusing to pay. To do that create your personal filter based on "Unsuccessfully closed" status and you can see all the problem tickets in just one click.

Tickets payment
You can call the payment window up after a right status ( with the "Calls the payment window up" option) has been chosen; such statuses are marked with a wallet icon.
In case you need to successfully close the ticket without payment (if we are talking warranty repairs) you can create "Warranty case closed" status with "Closes the ticket" and "Calculates staff commission", if your employees are paid for warranty repairs.
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