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Change for cash payments

Automatic calculation of change in HelloClient
No more calculators needed! Now, if you fills in the "Cash Amount" field, the "Change" field will automatically appear. This field will display the amount of change to be given back to the customer, significantly speeding up the payment process and minimizing errors.

If the cash amount is less than the total payment due, the "Change" field will be replaced by a "Customer Owes" field. This field will indicate the remaining amount the customer needs to pay. The system will not allow the payment to be processed until the cash amount is equal to or greater than the total payment due. When attempting to process such a payment, the "Customer Owes" field will be highlighted, reminding the user of the need for full payment.
This feature can be used:

When accepting payment for a ticket

When accepting a deposit for a ticket

When accepting payment in a store

When creating a receipt in the "Payments" module

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