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Service expense

How to use the "Service expense" function in CRM HelloClient
It often happens that a company incurs additional expenses in the course of fulfilling a ticket that should not affect the overall cost of the ticket for the client. For example, courier services, purchasing spare parts, etc. How should such expenses be accounted for? Very easily! By using the "Service expense" function.
How and where to create a service expense?

  • When you need to quickly purchase a spare part and don't have time to process the goods receipt, but you want to reflect in your balance that you spent money on courier services or a spare part, you can create a service expense in the ticket card.
  • Information about the service expense will be displayed in the ticket history. An expense will also be automatically created in the payments section from your balance, linked to the ticket.
It is important to understand that an expense is an actual representation of the company's costs.

!!! Creating a business expense will not affect:
  • the amount the client owes you for the ticket (the ticket amount consists of the costs of goods and services);
  • employees' salaries (employees receive a percentage of the net profit for goods and services and for processing the ticket);
  • the net profit amount from the ticket.

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Real examples of using service expenses:

1. The company covers the expense
For example, you completed a client's ticket for 3000$ but missed the deadline. You decided to send the delivery by courier. You added a dervice expense "Delivery" costing 500$. Thus, your balance will show a company expense of 500$, but the client still owes you 3000$ for the ticket. In this case, the service expense will not affect the company's net profit from this ticket or the employees' salaries.

2. Adding a one-time spare part to the ticket
If you added a one-time spare part to the ticket, costing 1000$ with a cost price of 500$, you need to add a service expense for the cost price of the spare part. If you don't do this, the profit for the ticket will be 1000$, which is incorrect since you paid 500$ for the spare part.

3. The client covers the service expense amount
If you regularly provide courier delivery and want the client to cover the cost of the service expense, you need to add the amount of the service expense to the cost of any service in the ticket, or add a one-time service specifying its cost and cost price.
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