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Why is it Important to Collect Reviews?
It's time to think about increasing profits by attracting new customers and bringing back old ones!
Do you want to attract more customers and increase your business revenue?
93% of users search for information about products and services nearby.
76% of users trust reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends.
If your company is not present on geo-services, you are simply losing a large share of customers.
Conclusion: The higher your rating and the more positive reviews you have, the greater the chance that new customers will notice you and old customers will return!
How Does HelloClient CRM Help Collect Reviews and Improve Your Online Presence?
Method 1: QR code for a review displayed prominently at your reception
When a customer arrives to pick up their order, there should be a printed and displayed QR code at the reception desk with a link to the review widget.
You can print the QR code here and place it at the reception desk.
Method 2: QR code for a review included in the completion report
If the customer is in a hurry, you provide a certificate of completed work—a warranty card on a branded letterhead—emphasizing "Please rate our service in a calm setting at home."
(P.S. If any employee has removed the QR code, you can re-add it in the document templates)

If the customer doesn't have time to leave a review at the reception, they will take the certificate of completed work with them as a guarantee. If everything is okay, the chances of the customer leaving a review increase.

Method 3: Personalized SMS with a link to reviews. Automatic Sending upon Status Change

If the customer forgets the certificate of completed work in the car glove compartment or elsewhere,

you can always send an automatic personalized SMS with a link, allowing the customer to easily leave a review.

Method 4: Personalized message with a link to reviews in a messenger

If SMS integrations are not set up, you can manually take a personalized template with a review link, copy it, and send it through one of the messengers.

Fortunately, you can always quickly retrieve the templates from the order.

Method 5: Personalized Email with a Review Request

An email requesting a review is sent after the order is closed and includes a form for collecting reviews, relieving you of this headache. To ensure the customer understands which order the request is about, the email can additionally display:

  • A list of products, services, and their prices;
  • Important information or a personal message to increase customer loyalty. In our example, this could be a discount on the next order.

Below, you can see an example of an email to the customer requesting a review.

Please note that this notification shows final prices since the order has already been paid. In other cases, prices should be marked as "FROM," for example, from $1000, since the order has not yet been paid and prices may change.

How does Helloclient help intercept negative reviews if a customer has complaints?

If a customer is dissatisfied, the system intercepts the negative review and sends it to your personal account, while positive reviews are redirected to a public platform to help attract more customers!

By increasing your rating in this way, you promote your business to the top positions in search engines, and consequently, gain more new customers :)

How to Set Up and Start Collecting Reviews from Customers?

We hope you have added your business to Google Maps. If not, know that this is a standard for any business, as customers should always be able to easily and quickly find your address, working hours, phone number, and other customer reviews!

By default, the widget does not require any settings and only allows one way to leave a review: in your personal account.

To enable customers to leave reviews on other platforms, you need to add them. To do this, go to Settings / Integrations / "Leave a Review" Widget and insert the link.

After filling in the fields, the widget will look like this:

To have the widget sent to the customer's email after the order is closed, you need to open the notification settings and activate the "Thank You for Visiting" notification.

Inside the notification card, you can:

  • Show prices and services;
  • Select the status at which the notification will be sent;
  • Include important information that may encourage the customer to leave a review about your company.

Where to Get the Link for Google Maps?

Open Google Maps. Enter your company name in the search bar, copy the link, and paste it into the widget settings form.

Where to View Reviews?

Select "Customers" in the menu, a submenu will open, and there will be a "Reviews" section. Positive reviews can appear here if the customer decides to write to the "Director's email". Negative reviews will be highlighted. By clicking on the customer's name or order number, you can open the card and view the order.

Reviews are one of the most important marketing tools that can bring you new customers for free and help maintain your position on the first pages of search engines.

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