Feature to Hide Cost Price

Greetings, colleagues — the Helloclient team here!
You asked, and we delivered!
Now you have the function to “Hide Cost Price”.
What does this provide?

  • Security and Confidentiality:
Hiding the cost price helps protect your commercial data. Now, only the employees who need it can see the cost details. This is especially relevant when working with confidential projects.

  • Focus on What’s Important:
You can concentrate on key tasks without being distracted by cost details. This is particularly useful for managers who need to make quick decisions and manage business processes.

  • Ease for New Employees:
For newcomers, in particular, this will ease their adaptation. They will be able to navigate the system more quickly, without being overwhelmed by excessive information.

  • Work Efficiency:
Reducing the amount of visible information will help you find necessary data faster and make decisions more efficiently. This will enhance your work performance.
How to do it?

Go to Settings/Employees, click on an employee

In the "General" rights section, find the right “See purchase prices of goods” - if the right is enabled (checked), then the employee will not see the purchase prices of goods in the system.
Where the employee will not see purchase prices

Client tickets - viewing the card of the added item
Client tickets - viewing the card when adding an item
Store - viewing the card of the added item
Store - viewing the card when adding an item
Inventory - Table of goods and categories
Inventory - Viewing a product card (information and history)
Inventory - Editing a product card
Salary - Viewing a payroll card
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