Salary Report by Months

Greetings, colleagues!
Business owners pay their employees salaries monthly. With HelloClient, this process has become even simpler and more convenient✨
What's New?

  • Monthly Earnings:
Now you can easily track how much each employee has earned on a monthly basis, saving you time on salary calculations. There's no longer a need to manually sift through all the data — everything you need is right at your fingertips!
  • Monthly Payouts:
Monitor how much and in which month you paid salary to each employee. With this feature, you can accurately plan financial expenses for salary payments and see clear statistics.
How to Get Started with the New Feature?

Simply log in to your HelloClient account and navigate to the "Reports" > "Salary" module. And that’s it!
You’ll immediately see in the report the amounts earned by employees each month, including bonuses and penalties — excluding payouts, as well as a separate tab for "Payouts"!

We value your feedback and strive to make "HelloClient" even more convenient and functional.