Module Update: Inventory

Introducing the New Inventory, version one! We’ve rolled out the new feature "Batch Product Receipts Linked to Suppliers" to let you focus on growing your business instead of getting bogged down in routine tasks.
What are the benefits for you?

  • Fast Inventory Management:
Reduce the time it takes to process goods by receiving entire batches in just a few clicks, all while cross-referencing the order with the actual arrival.

  • Quick Price Updates:
Save time on manually changing prices for each item — update prices across the batch upon receipt.
  • Transparent Supply Chain:
Link product batches to specific suppliers. Now, you'll always have a clear record of expenses and purchases.

  • Material Asset Security:
Easily track who created, modified, or accepted an order.
  • Smart Order Planning:
Plan your purchases ahead, creating orders for suppliers based on your future business needs. Avoid confusion over what's been ordered or not with a clear view of expected deliveries on the product card.
  • Quick Supplier Communication:
No need to switch between different apps or tabs from the product card. Easily call a supplier, message them, visit their website, and if you're on vacation, your trusted employees can always use the contact.

  • Batch Price Tag Printing:
Saves time and effort. No need to manually create each price tag for individual items — just print them for the entire batch of products.
  • Manage Your Inventory from Your Smartphone:
The new version and all its functionalities are also adapted for mobile devices!
We believe this feature will be the key to an even more successful and organized business. If you have any questions, our support team is always ready to help!
We look forward to any feedback.

Best wishes, The HelloClient Team!✨