Adding a Customer to a Sale

Friends, we are excited to introduce a new feature in our HelloClient CRM system — "Customer Binding to Sales." This feature will significantly simplify the process of working with customers and make sales management even more efficient.
  • Customer Binding to Sales:
You can now quickly and easily add a customer to any sale, preserving their purchase history and optimizing your business processes.
  • Creating a New Customer On-the-Spot:
Didn't find the required customer in the list? No problem! Create a new customer right in the process of making a sale!
  • Control of Unpaid Sales:
Keep track of customers' unpaid sales to take necessary actions in time.
  • Printing Receipts with Customer Information:
Now you can print receipts with customer information for more accurate accounting and reporting.
  • Creating a Sale from the Customer Card:
Start the sales process directly from the customer card, making business processes faster and more convenient.
  • Flexibility in Working with Sales:
If necessary, you can make a sale without linking it to a specific customer.
We are confident that these improvements will help you manage your sales more effectively and make working with customers even more convenient. If you have any questions, you can contact our support chat.