New features in the "Inventory" module of HelloClient CRM

We are pleased to inform you about new features in the "Inventory" module: the ability to enter fractional quantities of goods and specify units of measurement. Working with our CRM system has become even more convenient. HelloClient is becoming even more customer-oriented and will now be suitable for an even greater number of businesses.
What’s New?

  • Support for System Units of Measurement:
Now you can specify units of measurement for goods in the warehouse. This will allow you to track and manage your inventory more accurately. We have added the following units of measurement:
  • Pieces (pc): can only be whole numbers.
  • Kilograms (kg), Grams (g), Liters (l), Milliliters (ml), Meters (m), Centimeters (cm): can be whole or fractional values with an accuracy of up to hundredths.
  • Using Fractional Numbers:
You no longer need to limit yourself to whole numbers when entering the quantity of goods. This feature is especially useful for those who work with products that can be divided into parts (e.g., liquids, fabrics, or other bulk materials).
  • Units of Measurement for Goods in Documents:
Displaying the exact quantity of goods and units of measurement, which will bring transparency to the relationships between the company and the client.
How to Start Using It?

  • If you already have goods in inventory, then by default, the "Measure unit" field in all product cards will be set to "Not specified." In edit mode, you can select the desired unit of measurement.

  • When adding a new product to the inventory, the "Measure unit" field is mandatory, and you can choose one of the options.

  • When adding a one-time product to a ticket or sale, the "Measure unit" field is mandatory, and you can choose one of the options.
We constantly strive to improve HelloClient, making it a more powerful and convenient tool for your business.
Thank you for choosing our system, and we hope the new features will be useful to you!