Client base

Client base upload

You can upload your client base from another softwere; to do that you would need to:
  1. Go to "Clients"
  2. Press the upload icon in the upper right.
  3. Choose the CSV file
  4. Define the columns containing the data for upload
  5. Choose the line the data will start uploading from.
  6. If your file contains columns headings please check the "ignore the first line" checkbox.
  7. If you want to upload additional info such as mails, addresses, advertising channels, second number etc. please make sure you have added the right fields into the ticket form.
How to make a CSV file from an Excel file? Open your file in Google sheets and save it as a CSV file. This would help to avoid the encoding issues and prevent the appearance of strange symbols. 😉

Upload file requirements:
1. CSV format
2. Phone numbers must be in international format with "+" and the county code
3. The file must not contain empty lines or cells
4. The file must not contain more than 1000 lines
5. Unicode encoding only.