Employees' permissions

Admin is the user who registered the company and added the employees to it. Here's something that only the admin can do:
Pay for the app Delete orders and payments Invite employees View the Trends section View the Analytics section Edit the order form Configure the rights and salaries of the employees
💡The list of settings for employees' permissions will be growing larger and will be getting more and more flexible. 😉
If you wish to set up permissions for your employees:
  1. Go to settings-employees
  2. Select an employee and start setting up permissions

What happens if you uncheck this permission:

  • Create orders - the employee will not be able to create orders
  • Add items to the order - will not be able to add services and write off consumables (goods/spare parts) in the order
  • Close orders, edit information, and call for payment - will only be able to view order information (read mode)
  • Change order status
  • Full access to clients - disables the right to view the client database in the clients' section
  • Full access to payments - disables the right to view and work with the payments section (this is your cash register)
  • Full access to stock - disables the right to work with the stock section
  • Full access to store - disables the right to sell products from the store section
  • Full access to settings - disables the right to edit settings
❌ You can delete an employee in the same window
Company and employees