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Convenient tables facilitating order management

Simple and modern tables will make navigation and search for orders as convenient as possible. All required parameters of orders always remain accessible, right in front of your eyes.

Document printing

You can print receipts, warranty certificates and certificates of completion directly from the browser.

Client database

All client details are stored in a single database.


Manage all payments using a single tool. Accept, spend and move monetary assets under strict control. The system will save detailed information about each payment. .

Employees' permissions

Set up rights and permissions so that each employee uses only those tools and only that information that they need to work with. With the help of flexible configuration of permissions and accesses, the user enjoys the opportunity to build a competent hierarchy within the company.

Inventory management

Keep a complete record of all merchandise and spare parts in stock. Post, write off, and move spare parts and merchandise between workshop stocks. Each item is designated by category and SKU.

POS (Sales)

Make retail sales and print receipts for your customers. Just enter the name of the product or SKU. Easily register sales in HelloClient.

Features currently in development
Accessible from any device
Use HelloClient from any device.
SMS and Email notifications
Send text messages to your clients when tickets are ready, either manually or automatically.
Generation of reports on important repair shop processes
Staff commission
If your business pays employees for piecework, you may specify what percentage of the value of the work performed for the ticket is to be deducted as wages. By using "Technician Reports", you can calculate wages for any specified time period.
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