Frequently Ask Questions
Since some questions pop up all the time, we decided to arrange them and provide answers in one place to refer to.
What are my first steps with HelloClient?
With best practices in mind, we tried and made HelloClient intuitively easy to use. We didn't want you to rack your brains over how your account works and with HelloClient you can truly dedicate more time and effort to your clients.
1. To get it all started, type in and choose Sign Up in the top right corner
2. You will be asked to enter your Login Details and some Business Details. Don't worry, you will always be able to come back to edit these under Settings > Company Details.
3. Once you've created your own account, you'll see Alex, a demo staff member, and 2 demo tickets. We suggest you take some time to experiment and get your bearings with demo clients Jane and John Doe.
4. A good help to getting started with our system is to watch a video tutorial we've made for you.
What data security do you provide?
At HelloClient, we treat the matter of Clients' data security very seriously. We stick to the principle that your data is your data, and not ours, so we've no intentions to share it or sell to third parties. Our secure networks are the same as those of Etsy, Uber and Amazon - so HelloClient grants you maximum security and stability. We use SSL security for our system and an encrypted cloud database to back up all user data (once in every 5 minutes). Our hardware has grade-one firewalls.
Is there a HelloClient app for Android or iOS?
HelloClient is working as web application. The benefit of this is that we can automatically add new features to your account without the need for you to download any update packs. We are working on mobile optimization, and it is coming soon.
Is there phone support I can count on?
At HelloClient, we take pride in provision of free and unlimited support to our Clients. We do this via live-chat and classic Email, we strive to respond to every email we receive within 24 hours. Support is provided by qualified staff and we never outsource our support overseas - this means that every time your mail will be answered by a knowledgeable HelloClient specialist.
What are the hardware requirements?
HelloClient does not require installation, it is a cloud-based solution, which means that anytime you can log into your HelloClient account from any device from wherever needed. As we have got no specific hardware requirements, HelloClient will run on any hardware compatible with the device that you use.
What language versions are there for HelloClient?
Currently we have got the English and Russian languages for HelloClient available globally. In the future we will introduce other language options. Send us your suggestions regarding the preferred language option at
Is it possible to use HelloClient in offline mode?
HelloClient is an online tool for your business. It allows for possibility to access your tickets anytime from anywhere and from any device.
Some offline features are part of our plan for the future.
How will I be notified about any updates, changes or new features?
We release new features every 2 - 3 weeks, and we are always working on improvements and some requested introductions. Once we release something very important, you will get a notification - check the bell icon in the top right-hand corner.